Thank you for your interest in organizing a Panel Session. Outlined below are the guidelines for organizing and submitting a panel session.


A panel session is a forum where experts engage in discussion on a topical subject. The discussion serves to highlight various viewpoints and dissenting ideas and to foster audience participation. The goal of a panel session is not for the audience and panel to reach a consensus, nor is it to convince others of the fallacy of their thoughts; rather, the aim is to cultivate greater understanding of complex and often contentious issues.

There is no specific size for a panel; however, between three and five panel members makes for a coherent, lively, and interesting discussion. A panel session is open to all conference delegates and does not include paper submissions.

In order to ensure that a panel session is of sufficient length to provide substantial and in-depth discussion of key issues, sessions will be one hour in length.

The following are requisites for a successful panel session:

  1. Active Audience Participation: The success of a panel session relies on an active audience that raises difficult and valid questions and is willing to challenge the thoughts and opinions of the panel participants.
  2. Knowledgeable Panel Participants: The backbone of a panel session is charismatic, knowledgeable, and prepared panel participants who hold divergent opinions.
  3. Effective Moderator: It is important that an organized moderator oversee a panel session to ensure that it runs in a structured, coherent, and flowing manner. The role of the moderator includes introducing the topic of discussion and the panel members, asking participants questions, and assuring that the discussion remains on topic and on time.
  4. Topical Subject: The best subjects for panel discussions are clear, concise, relevant, and interesting.


If you are interested in proposing a panel session, either as a moderator or as a panel member, then please send an email titled "CONFERENCE-CODE YEAR - Panel Session Proposal", ie. "SIP 2007 - Panel Session Proposal" to In the event that your proposal is accepted, we will assist you in finding panel members and/or a moderator, if requested.

The proposal should include the suggested topic and title, as well as a few examples of questions or issues that will be addressed by the panel. This assists us in finding panel members and/or a moderator. Please also ensure that you include your qualifications and the capacity in which you would like to participate in the panel session (i.e., as a panel member or as a moderator). Finally, we require enough detail in the proposal that the panel session�s objectives, topics, and goals can be clearly understood by potential audience members and panel participants. Unless otherwise requested, panel sessions are one hour in length.