The IASTED International Conference on
Engineering and Applied Science
EAS 2012

Engineering Applications for the 21st Century

December 27 – 29, 2012
Colombo, Sri Lanka


Computational Information Technology and Signal Processing Circuits

Sona College of Technology (Autonomous), India


The human life in recent times is unimaginable without use and support of information technology. In the absence of information technology, everything on the earth will come to stand still or in other words the day to day life will cripple within no times. This special session emphasizes on information and communication technology as such and its widely used applications in modern time communication, computation and processing. The session straightway addresses a unified and integrated approach of telecommunications, computers, software, audio-visual signals and systems to enable users to process and communicate the information. The session will demonstrate to participants about latest trends and research frontiers that how the information storage devices can self sustain and evolve by way of communicating among themselves using networks and computing systems. It will serve the platform for discussions and exchange of recent research result updates on the given topic among the researcher community from the nook and corner of the world. The session is expected to provide an opportunity to researcher to ponder about future predictable trends of information innovations and next generation computational miracles.


The followings are probable, but not limited, topics for submission of the papers:
Information Computational Technology: Secure Channels – Modulation – CDMA – Coding Techniques - Cognitive Radio – MIMO - Modern Wireless Communications – Sensor and Ad-Hoc Networks - Mobile Node - Cross Layer Communications – Internet and Computer Communications – Joint Resource Management and QoS - Optical Communication Theory and Applications – Distributed and Parallel Computing – Bio Computing – Data Mining – High Performance Computing – Ubiquitous Computing – Internet Computing – Grid Computing – Cloud Computing – Network Computing – Autonomous Computing – Multicore Computing
Signal Processing: Algorithms for Smart Communications - Image, Speech and Video Signal Processing - VLSI Signal Processing - Biomedical Signal Processing – Compression and Data Application Processing
Circuits: Circuits and Systems – Modern Trends in VLSI – FPGA – SoC Design – Low Power VLIS – Test and Verification – Mixed Signal VLSI

Target Audience

The graduate and post doctoral research students who are working towards their stated degrees and who need to submit theses for the completion of research work in the relevant topics. All faculty and university teacher who teach and do research in the above mentioned scope. The scientists and researchers who are engaged in research activities of industries, research laboratories and product development or manufacturing organizations in the relevant topics of this session. All others who want to contribute towards or learn information technology development and its applications.

Biography of the Special Session Organizer

Special Session Organizer Portrait

Professor K. R. Kashwan obtained PhD and M.Tech degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Tezpur University (A Central University of INDIA). He is currently DEAN (PG) of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Sona College of Technology, INDIA. His research interests include VLSI Design, DSP, Embedded Systems, SoC and Communication Systems. Prof. Kashwan is a Charter Engineer, member of IEEE, IASTED, IE(I), IACSIT and ISTE.


Please email all submissions to and by September 30, 2012. Authors MUST include their full contact information in the email.