The Thirteenth IASTED International Conference on
Computers and Advanced Technology in Education
CATE 2010

August 23 – 25, 2010
Maui, Hawaii, USA


A Framework for e-Learning2.0 and its Primary Functions

Dr. Toshio Okamoto
President, Japanese Society for Information and Systems on Education
Director, e-Learning Center,
The Universty of Electro-Communications, Japan


In his keynote presentation. Prof. Okamoto will propose and discuss a framework for e-Learning2.0 and a set of its primary functions with a focus on method/architecture for building intelligent educational system that encourages learners' interactions by "the architecture of participation".
The last one includes the functions of SNS and the technologies for knowledge analysis and recommendation functions. Integration between the autonomous self-learning and social interactive learning will be emphasized.
The model of participatory attributes in learning community for social learning will be proposed. By this model, we can design and realize the teaching/learning environment with the social dynamic & interactive mechanism. Also, based on performed research and gained outcomes, a framework for e-Learning2.0 with the concept of "CLOUD/GRID" architecture will be proposed and discussed.

Biography of the Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Portrait

Professor Dr. Toshio Okamoto obtained his PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is a professor at the University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Information Systems, Japan. His research interests include e-Learning systems, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning systems, and curriculum development of IT education. He is also a convener of WG2 (Collaborative Technology) of LTSC/ISO SC36 (Learning Technologies Standards Committee).