International Conference on
Intelligent Systems and Control
ISC 2018

July 16 – 17, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Visual Analytics in Augmented and Virtual Reality: Applications to Modelling and Simulation

Mr. Stephen Cartwright
University of Calgary, Canada


2 hours


Data science, big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization and human-computer interaction are advancing very quickly and converging to provide the next generation of tools to efficiently unlock insights from data. In step with this, investment in augmented and virtual reality is creating the opportunity to affordably work with data using these highly interactive and effective technologies. Integrating human insight into visual data analysis workflows provides visual analytics tools that are extremely beneficial to many disciplines including modelling and simulation. We present an overview of the tools and techniques supporting visual analytics, an overview of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and discuss how they can be applied to improve modelling and simulation workflows. An overview of future trends and possibilities will also be discussed. Our presentation will be followed by open discussion and the opportunity to try a few immersive devices.

Qualifications of the Instructor(s)

Tutorial Session Portrait

Stephen Cartwright has worked in the scientific and data intensive computing field for over 12 years in academia and industry. He is currently the technical director for a large world class modelling and simulation research group with many industrial projects. One of his responsibilities since 2013 is overseeing a visualization centre that uses advanced visualization and analysis techniques combined with virtual and augmented reality to deliver next generation tools that enable scientific discovery. He has a BSc. in Computer Science with a minor in pure mathematics and has almost completed a MSc. in Computer Science focusing on collaborative workflows in immersive environments. He also has formal training and significant experience in project management and management of development teams delivering prototypes incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning.