The Third IASTED African Conference on
Water Resource Management
AfricaWRM 2010

Science and Technology Applications for Health and Sustainable Development

September 6 – 8, 2010
Gaborone, Botswana


Wastewater systems and Impacts on the Environment

Dr. Roumiana Hranova
University of Botswana, Botswana


Wastewater engineering systems include the collection, conveyance and disposal/reuse of wastewater generated by domestic, institutional, commercial or industrial activities. The design and functioning of the system as a whole and its elements would have a direct impact on public and environmental health and social welfare and is strongly related to development issues in urban and rural areas. Contributions from all countries are welcome; specific attention will be given to studies from developing countries and arid climates. The session invites papers to discuss different aspects of this topic and to present case studies in the following related areas, or additional relevant topics not listed below:

The organizers would like to know the experience and opinions of all participants in this session. In order to achieve this, an open discussion session will be organized after the oral presentations, which could help in clarifying some specific points and formulating future directions of research and development.
This special session is organized in conjunction with the IWA Specialists group "Sanitation and Water Management in Developing Countries"

Biography of the Special Session Organizer

Dr. Roumiana Hranova works at the University of Botswana. Dr. Hranova's research interests are in the areas of Wastewater and Stormwater Management and Municipal wastewater reuse.


Please email all submissions to [email protected] by April 15, 2010. Authors MUST include their full contact information in the email.