International Conference on
Modelling, Simulation and Identification
MSI 2018

July 16 – 17, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



  1. Please ensure that the following is completed before the conference registration deadline:
    1. Registration Form
      Presenters may register online or by completing a .pdf form and faxing it to IASTED at 1-403-247-6851. Payments can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or by a cheque drawn on a US bank account. If paying by cheque or bank transfer, you must fax proof of payment for your registration to be complete.
    2. Author Information Form
      This information is used by the Session Chair to introduce each speaker.
    3. Audiovisual Equipment E-mail
      A computer and LCD projector will be provided in each session room in order for delegates to make PowerPoint presentations. An overhead projector (for transparencies) will also be provided as a back up. If you require any other form of audiovisual equipment, you must send an email to [email protected] by the registration deadline.
    4. Final Manuscript
      Your paper must be properly formatted and received by the IASTED office on or before the registration deadline. Otherwise, it WILL NOT be published. Please submit your paper online at The precise formatting instructions are available here.
  2. Please assume that if you do not receive a confirmation email from IASTED within 5 business days of submitting your registration form or final paper, that we have not received these items. Please resend them.
  3. Hotel Reservation: If you wish to make a reservation through IASTED, please complete the hotel form provided on the conference website under "Location and Travel" and fax it to directly to the hotel.
  4. An official receipt will be given to you at the conference.
  5. On the day of your presentation, please report to your assigned room 10-15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin. Introduce yourself to the Session Chair, and check that any audio/visual equipment you need to use is setup and working properly. If you are using PowerPoint for your presentation, please load your presentation onto the hard drive so that the transition between presentations is smooth.
  6. If you do not present your paper at the conference, you will NOT receive a copy of the proceedings. A record of attendance will be kept on file for reference for future conferences.
  7. IASTED will no longer transfer papers to other conferences. This means that you must present your paper at the conference for which you register.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The IASTED Conference Managers
[email protected]