The IASTED International Conferences on Informatics 2010
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems
PDCS 2010

November 8 – 10, 2010
Marina del Rey, USA


Dr. Guojing Cong
IBM Research, USA

Biography of the Publicity Chair

Publicity Chair Portrait

Dr. Guojing Cong is a research staff member at the IBM TJ Watson research center. His research interests are in performance analysis and tuning for high performance computing systems, and in high performance large-scale graph analysis. He works with colleagues to develop systematic tuning approaches for the DARPA HPCS project. The performance analysis software are used on IBM supercomputers such as the P-series clusters and the BlueGene systems. Dr. Cong also designed fast parallel algorithms for graph problems on supercomputers. For several fundamental graph problems, he presented the first implementations that achieved good parallel speedups on SMPs and distributed-memory platforms. Dr. Cong publishes extensively in his research areas, and holds several patents.